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Master Menu

Flavors for Cupcakes and CAKES -

NOTE - if there is a *** next to the flavor - we cannot make as a cake.

PLEASE NOTE: This Menu is for your review only. You must choose only flavors that are available for the day you are ordering. Daily Menus change each day and week. Please see "Menus".




 *** Chocolate Covered Potato Chip - OTR Signature Flavor - we were the original bakery to create this cupcake in 2008 before it got trendy!


As featured in Food and Wine Magazine and CNN Living and Cupcakes Take the Cake!


Rich chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream,

topped with chocolate covered chips, rolled in crushed potato chips!


Fantasy Springs Cupcake Challenge Grand Prize Winner 2011-

Chocolate Miso Caramel Crunch - OTR Signature Creation!

Rich chocolate cupcake, topped with Miso caramel buttercream, caramel crunch pearls! 

*** NEW - Rainbow Confetti 2020! - 
Vanilla bean buttermilk cake with raspberry cream filling, cheesecake buttercream and sprinkles!

*** NEW - PRINCE Cake! - OTR Creation -
Almond buttermilk cake with mango jam filling, almond buttercream, toasted almonds and mango smear!

NEW – Citrus Hostess Look A Like! - OTR Original Creation NOTE - This flavor NOT made as a mini cupcake.

Orange, Lemon and Lime Cupcakes, filled with marshmallow, dipped in white chocolate and squiggle on top! Yep, another creation by us!

*** NEW - Created for The Food Network Canada White Chocolate Blueberry Blue Cheese - OTR Creation -
Vanilla Bean Blueberry Cupcake, stuffed with blue cheese cheesecake, blueberry buttercream, white chocolate and freeze dried blueberries!

*** NEW - Horchata Churro Cheesecake! - OTR Creation -
Cinnamon rice cupcake, stuffed with cheesecake, churro buttercream, crunchy stuff!

 *** Shake N Fries!  - OTR Signature Creation!
Vanilla Bean Cupcake, Vanilla Bean Malted Buttercream - topped with Cripsy Fries!


NEWBrown Butter Pumpkin Chocolate Smores! - OTR Original Creation 

Brown butter pumpkin chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream, buttered graham crumbs, toasted marshmallow, ganache!

NEW CREATION for National Cupcake DayCalifornia Dream Pie - OTR Original Creation NOTE - This flavor NOT made as a mini cupcake.

Citrus cupcake loaded with California Meyer Lemon, Orange and Lime, pastry cream filled and white chocolate ganache! We aren't in Boston - we ARE in sunny Cali baby!

NEWPineapple Upside Down Caramelized Cheesecake with Coconut Snow! - OTR Original Creation 

Fresh pineapple cupcake, filled with cheesecake, cream cheese buttercream, Brulee pineapple and Coconut Snow, made from tapioca and organic coconut oil!

NEW – Raspberry Mojito! - Seasonal

Key lime cupcake baked with white rum, raspberry mint buttercream, raspberries.

*** Nachos del Rey! Created for The Cooking Channel - dark chocolate cupcake, chocolate chipotle buttecream, tortilla chips dipped in milk chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate cheddar cheese ganache….what!!!


NEW – Island Style Carrot Cake - Our tasty carrot cake topped with cream cheese buttercream, macadamia nuts and drizzled with pineapple caramel - another OTR creation! Mahalo!

Dark Chocolate Nutella Praline Crunch!
Dark chocolate cupcake, Nutella buttercream, rolled in crunchy praline bits!


"The Marilyn" Cupcake - our exclusive cupcake, an OTR creation, original!
The world's first ever, blond chocolate cupcake! White chocolate curls and pearls, blonde drizzle!



"You Filthy Animal"  --  OTR Signature Flavor!

Dark Chocolate cupcake, filled with ganache, OREO buttercream , cocoa coconut,

 chocolate drizzle!

 Princess Cake!
Classic Almond Vanilla cake, filled with raspberry jam, almond buttercream, toasted almonds, marzipan! 

NEW - Toasted Coconut Cream Pie!
Coconut Cupcake, filled with pastry cream, coconut buttercream, toasted coconut and buttered graham cracker crumbs! 

NEW - Insta-Graham - Our unique take on Smores - white chocolate cupcake, dulcey buttercream, crunchy cocoa nibs, rolled in buttered graham crumbs, torched meringue!
This is another OTR Original Creation

Bananas Foster - Fresh Banana cupcake, Vanilla Bean buttercream, dark rum, cinnamon and caramel drizzle! A classic

Rainbow Funfetti -
Vanilla bean sprinkles Cupcake, vanilla bean buttercream, rolled in rainbow jimmes! 

 Brown Butter Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake! - Seasonal
Brown Butter pumpkin cake, filled with cheesecake, cream cheese buttercream, caramel drizzle, graham cracker crumbs! 

Peach Raspberry Cheesecake - an OTR creation, original! Seasonal
Peach cupcake, stuffed with cheesecake, raspberry buttercream, rolled in buttered graham crumbs, fresh raspberries!


Over the Rainbow Original  --  OTR Signature Flavor! - NOTE - This flavor NOT made as a mini cupcake.

Vanilla bean cupcake, with all the colors of the rainbow,

 topped with rainbow sherbet buttercreamI


Chocolate Peanut Butter Salty Caramel  --  OTR Signature Flavor!

Chocolate cupcake, peanut butter filling, salted caramel buttercream,

 chopped roasted peanuts, sea salt, caramel



Happy Hawaiian-  OTR Signature Flavor!

Frank Sinatra's favorite dessert!!  Pineapple macadamia nut cupcake,cream cheese buttercream, rolled in coconut, topped with a macadamia nut and pineapple!



Vanilla Berry Crunch  --  OTR Signature Flavor!   ****Seasonal****

Featured in the 2014 Wedding Issue of Palm Springs Life Magazine!

Vanilla bean cupcake, raspberry blueberry blackberry buttercream,crunchy pearls!



The Daily Meal - Americas Best Cupcakes 2014 -

Chocolate Covered Brownie Cheesecake  --  OTR Signature Flavor!

Dark Chocolate cupcake, filled with cheesecake and topped

with cream cheese buttercream and house-made brownie chunks!



German Chocolate – light chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream, pecan coconut topping, chocolate drizzle and shredded coconut. We use the original recipe from Mrs. Georgia Clay – Dallas, TX. circa 1957


Raspberry French Toast!  ***Seasonal***

maple cinnamon cupcake, raspberry filling, cinnamon buttercream, fresh raspberries!


Banana Split

Banana cupcake, vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate fudge, nuts, and cherry top!



Blueberry French Toast - ***Seasonal***

Maple cinnamon cupcake, fresh blueberry filling, cinnamon buttercream, fresh blueberries!



Blueberry Coconut  --  OTR Signature Flavor!

Vanilla bean cupcake loaded with blueberries, coconut blueberry cream cheese buttercream rolled in coconut!


NEW - Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake!

 Rich chocolate cupcake baked with fresh cherries, stuffed with cheesecake, cherry buttecream, chocolate drizzle! 

NEW - Meyer Lemon Meringue! NOTE - This flavor NOT made as a mini cupcake.

Fresh Meyer Lemon cupcake, housemade tart lemon curd, torched meringue! 

Spiced Carrot Cake

Carrot spiced cupcake, our signature cream cheese, rimmed in crushed walnuts



Chocolate Hostess "Look-a-Like" NOTE - This flavor NOT made as a mini cupcake.

Devils food chocolate cupcake, marshmallow buttercream filling,

 fudge Ganache topping, white squiggle.



OTR Original Creation - Red Velvet Hostess "Look-a-Like" NOTE - This flavor NOT made as a mini cupcake.

Southern Red Velvet cupcake, marshmallow buttercream filling,

 chocolate ganache topping, white squiggle


Chocolate Classic

Rich chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate jimmies!

Chocolate Funfetti

Rich chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream rolled in white, dark and milk chocolate crunchy pearls!


*** Chocolate Jack Daniels©

Chocolate cupcake with a hint of Jack Daniels with Jack Daniels chocolate buttercream



Chocolate Jalapeno

Dark chocolate cupcake, chocolate jalapeno buttercream, jalapeno dust



Coconut Classic

Coconut cupcake, coconut vanilla buttercream, rolled in coconut 



Dark Chocolate Espresso Caramel

Chocolate espresso cupcake, chocolate caramel buttercream,  

chocolate covered espresso beans



Southern classic - banana pineapple cupcake, cream cheese buttercream, crushed pecans.


Jack and Coke

Chocolate bourbon cupcake, coca cola buttercream...yep!



Krispy Treats

 vanilla bean cupcake with marshmallow buttercream,topped with house-made rice krispy treats


Maple Pancakes and Bacon

Maple cupcake, maple buttercream, brown sugar smoked bacon



Marble Fudge

Chocolate Vanilla swirled cupcake, filled with housemade fudge, vanilla bean buttercream, rolled in chocolate flakes!


Neapolitan - OTR Original cupcake! NOTE - This flavor NOT made as a mini cupcake.

Chocolate , Strawberry and vanilla bean cupcake, malted buttercream, chocolate drizzle, cherry on top!



Margarita Patron

Vanilla bean cupcake baked with a hint of Patron tequila, key lime buttercream,

 sugar and salt rim! 


Strawberry Margarita ***Seasonal***

vanilla bean cupcake baked with tequila, strawberry buttercream, fresh strawberry,

 sugar and salt rim!

Citrus - An OTR Creation - meyer lemon, lime, orange cupcake, citrus buttercream, topped with candied lemon and orange peels.


Meyer Lemon

Local Palm Springs Meyer Lemon cupcake, Meyer lemon buttercream, candied lemon



Meyer Lemon Pomegranate

Meyer lemon cupcake, pomegranate buttercream, candied lemon peel


Meyer Lemon Lime Soda

Meyer Lemon cupcake, key lime buttercream, pop rocks fizzle!



Meyer Lemon Raspberry ***Seasonal***

Local Palm Springs Meyer Lemon cupcake, raspberry buttercream, fresh raspberries 

Meyer Lemon with Raspberry Compote and Cream Cheese Buttercream
Local meyer lemon cake with raspberry compote and cream cheese buttercream

Pistachio Persimmon Rose
Pistachio vanilla cake with persimmon cream filling and a light rose buttercream!


Pomegranate Chardonnay

Chardonnay cupcake, pomegranate buttercream



“Red Bull" Blue Velvet

Vanilla bean blue velvet cupcake, Red Bull© buttercream



Rocky Road Classic

Dark chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream, marcona almonds, marshmallows, chocolate drizzle.



Turtle - OTR Original cupcake!

Chocolate cupcake, filled with housemade fudge, chocolate buttercream, housemade turtle candy, crushed pecans, chocolate and caramel drizzle!



Tangerine Margarita -

As featured in Palm Springs Life 2014 Wedding Issue 

Vanilla bean  cupcake infused with Patron tequila, tangerine buttercream, pop rocks,

sugar and salt rim!



Toasted Key Lime Coconut --  OTR Signature Flavor!

Coconut cupcake, key lime buttercream, topped with "Dang Foods"

toasted coconut shavings!



Toasted Coconut Crème Brulee--  OTR Signature Flavor!

Coconut cupcake, burnt sugar buttercream, toasted coconut shavings!

White Chocolate Rocky Road

Dark chocolate cupcake, white chocolate buttercream, marcona almonds,

House made marshmallows, drizzled with white and dark chocolate!



*** Salted Pretzel Hazelnut Crunch

Chocolate cupcake, praline buttercream, toasted hazelnuts, chocolate salted pretzels!



Southern Red Velvet

Buttermilk beet red velvet cupcake, signature cream cheese frosting

(We color the cake batter with India Tree colors, all natural derived from beets).



Strawberry Cheesecake  ***Seasonal***

Vanilla strawberry cupcake, filled with cheesecake, strawberry cream cheese buttercream, buttered graham crumbs


Vanilla Bean Dream

Vanilla bean cupcake, vanilla bean buttercream


Vanilla Salty Caramel

Vanilla bean cupcake, filled with house made caramel, vanilla bean buttercream, sea salt



White Chocolate Cosmo

Vanilla bean cupcake with a hint of vodka, cranberry lime buttercream, white chocolate curls.



Wild Strawberry Champagne (Seasonal)

Wild Strawberry cupcake, wild strawberry champagne buttercream, pop rocks fizzle!



Additional Chef’s creations may be prepared using “in-season” ingredients.


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