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Wild Side Menu

Over the Rainbow  - Wild Side Menu

Pastry Chef Roman is taking you to the Wild Side to experience some Wild flavors in cupcakes!

Chorizo Caramel Crunch
Vanilla Bean Spanish chorizo cupcake with caramel buttercream, drizzle and crunchy pearls!

Vanilla Mango Habanero 
vanilla bean mango cupcake, with mango habanero buttercream, sliced candied habanero

Blue Cheese Blue Berry Cheescake!
vanilla bean fresh blueberry cupcake, stuffed with blue cheese cheesecake, with a tangy blueberry buttercream 

                 As featured on Food and Wine and CNN back in 2008! 

                 Way before it was a trend :-)

Chocolate Covered Potato Chip - OTR Signature Flavor!

Rich chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate covered chips, rolled in crushed potato chips!

Red Bull Blue Velvet

 Blue velvet cupcake, Red Bull buttercream!

Maple Pancakes and Bacon

Maple syrup cupcake, maple buttercream, brown sugar smoked bacon

Blueberry Sweet Corn Cornnuts

Vanilla bean blueberry cupcake, sweet corn buttercream, crushed corn nuts


Chocolate Jalapeno - Chosen as a Sexiest Chocolate Dessert 2013!

 Dark chocolate jalapeno cupcake, chocolate buttercream, jalapeno dust 

Green Apple Brie
Granny Smith apple cupcake, brie cheese buttercream, apple chip


Dark Chocolate, Smoked Sea Salt, Pine Nuts, EVOO
Dark chocolate cupcake , pine nut buttercream, rolled in toasted pine nuts, smoked sea salt, extra virgin olive oil drizzle

Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Cupcake!


Moist maple cake, rolled into balls, then coated in pure white or dark chocolate, then rolled in smoked candied bacon...YUM!

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