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Q. Where are you located?
A. Smoke Tree Village Shopping Center 1775 E. Palm Canyon Road, Suite 150 Palm Springs Corner of East Palm Canyon and Sunrise Drive. (760) 322-CAKE (2253)

We reserve the right to close early, so call. We bake fresh daily and once we sell out, we are done for the day.

Q. Are you a Nut Free Establishment?
A. No! We use all kinds of nuts and extracts in some of our products. Sorry.

Q. Do you make anything  gluten free, vegan?
A. Yes. Please ask us.

UPDATE - we no longer offer sugar free desserts, cakes or cupcakes. Thank you

Q. Do you Deliver?
A. Yes.  But there is a delivery fee based on your location in the Coachella Valley. Please email or call for rates.

We will ask you for your address, contact phone number, gate code and or access information and let you know time of delivery.

Please note: Someone must be present for the delivery and the driver will not wait. If the delivery is going to a resort or hotel, you must meet in the lobby or let the front desk personnel know the delivery is coming with your full name or recipients name.  If no one is there to accept delivery, order will be returned to the bakery and it must be picked up. There will be no refund, no exceptions.

Q. Do you ship?
A. Not at this time.

Q. How many cupcakes can I get at a time?
A. How much money do you have? We have no max on how many cupcakes you can get, but we strongly suggest for large orders, calling ahead at least 24 hours to ensure you get exactly what you want. When we are sold out, we are sold out. Weekends are typically extremely busy.

Q. Is there a price break if I order a 1/2 dozen or a dozen cupcakes?
A. It doesn't hurt to ask, but, the answer will always be No. We spend a lot of time and energy working on our cupcakes.

Q. Do you make custom cakes and cupcakes?
A. Yes, please call ahead of time to order.  Please note that our baking schedule changes daily and once we are done baking we are done. We will always try to accommodate you where possible. 

UPDATED 2018 - Weddings / Events

Do you offer tastings? When may I come for one?

Our tastings are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We do not allow walk ins. We are always busy in production, so you must make appointments to meet with us. Thank you. 

We do not offer tastings on the weekends - never - We just want you to know upfront before you seek our services. Never on weekends. Thank you

We are busy with weddings, either setting up or finishing details. Please do not ask, as we will not be able to accommodate you. We understand that this might be the only time you can come in, but just want you to know from the beginning, so you do not ask for the weekends.

We do offer tasting appointments to clients based on our availability for your event date. If we are able to make a cake or dessert table for you, then we will schedule an appointment to discuss all of the details of your event.

OUR TASTINGS/MEETING ARE FOR Weddings with 100+ guests.

If your wedding is less than 100 guests, we recommend just coming in and trying some treats to make sure you want to use our services.

OUR BAKERY - is small and a "to-go" bakery, so we do not have a large table to sit and taste. We can accommodate up to 3 guests inside if needed, but no more. There are tables outside the bakery if available, as they are shared with other businesses. DURING SUMMER TIME - IT IS HOT OUTSIDE - So seating outside is not recommended for dessert sampling.

You pay for your tasting and if you want to book, we credit the amount you spend back towards your contract. Save your receipts.

We are a very sought after bakery and have a small staff. We book up very fast on weekends.
We highly recommend that you book us as soon as you know you want to use our services.
Please see our Availability Schedule on the left to make sure we are open for your date.
YES - one year from now, might already be booked.

Q. How do I care for my cupcakes?

All desserts are best the day they are purchased. 

Buttercream frosted cupcakes will hold up if stored in an air-tight container for 1-2 days at room temperature in an air conditioned room. This is the desert and temperatures can be extreme.

Cream cheese frosted cupcakes should be stored in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for 1-2 days (the fridge will dry the cake out the longer it’s stored). 

Our customers have frozen the cupcakes after purchase and then brought them to room temperature and have told us they were just as delicious as the same day they bought them.

Things we have figured out, are simply that air is the enemy to cupcakes. That is why we have them under domes when you see them. The more they sit out, the more they can become dry. We use no preservatives in our baked goods.




Over the Rainbow Desserts / FAQ

Q: What type of desserts does Over the Rainbow (OTR) Desserts offer?
A: Although we are best known for our delicious and unique cupcakes, we offer a variety of cakes and mini-desserts for all occasions.  The mini-desserts include such delightful treats as Meyer lemon bars,  OTR Kit Kat bars, brownies, cupcake and pies, macarons, and much more. Pricing ranges from $6-$18 per guest, depending on how much you get. We recommend a minimum of 3 pieces per person.

Q: How far in advance do I need to order?

A: We recommend placing your order at least three months prior to your event.  Our schedule books up rapidly, especially on weekends, so it is highly recommended to place your order as soon as possible.  It is not uncommon for us to be booked out on Saturdays as much as 6 months to one year in advance.

Q: In addition to the desserts themselves, can I rent tiers/stands?  If so, what is the cost?
A: Yes, our cake tiers/stands are definitely available for rent.  They range in price from $15-$75, depending on size.  You can choose to have us return to pick them up at an additional charge, or you can return to our bakery within 3 business days following your event.  You must sign a rental form and provide a credit card to keep on file to secure a rental order and to ensure that they will be returned to us in original condition.
We do not return later in the evening to pick up stands/tiers, no exceptions. 

A typical tier replacement costs is $225.  A stand is $90.

Note: We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Q: Do you offer delivery?  If so, is there a cost?

A: Yes we do.  Our normal delivery area is the Coachella Valley, from Palm Springs to Coachella.  The cost of delivery also depends on the location and ranges from $25-$45. The high desert starts at $75.

Q: Will OTR set-up the desserts?  What is the cost of this service?
A: Yes. Our mini cupcake/dessert set-up* is $50 and includes arranging the mini desserts onto existing cake stands or ones that you’ve opted to rent from us. You can leave dessert name displays, props or flowers out that you’d like us to incorporate to set up as well!  If you are using a wedding coordinator, please arrange accordingly.

Q: What is the payment policy, do I have to pay for everything upfront?

A: All orders require a deposit in order to secure a date on our calendar.  Weddings require a $100 deposit. Your deposit is non-refundable.


Q: How is pricing determined for wedding cakes?

A: We price our cakes based on the number of servings and the complexity in design.  The more detailed, the higher the cost.  Our prices usually range from $4.50 to $20.00 per serving.

Q: What flavors do you offer?

A: All of our cupcake flavors can be made into cakes.  We can also create or make any flavor you can imagine and have done so.  Remember, this is your special day, let us make a wonderful cake for you.

Q: How big of a cake do I need?

A: Since we price our cakes based on the number of servings, you can have a one-tiered cake or even a five-tiered cake to feed your guests.  A 6 inch cake feeds about 10 people, an 8 inch can feed about 20, a 10 inch cake can feed about 30 guests, and a 12 inch cake can feed about 50.

Q: I want a three or four-tier cake but only am expecting 25 people.  Can you accommodate us?

A: Yes we can.  We can make a “dummy tiers” which is made of styro-foam and commonly used when clients want the height of a bigger cake, but don’t feel the need for all the servings.  The “dummy tiers” are priced at $2.00 per slice, based on the number of servings the tier would have had.


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