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Availability Schedule

To all of our valued customers,

Over the Rainbow Desserts is a small bakery, where everything is hand made from scratch 100%! 
We request that you, our customer, contact us to place orders at least 72 hours in advance.

For cake orders, we usually need at least one week.
We will always try to accommodate last minute orders when we can.
Our man-woman power is limited and we want to ensure that each and every order gets the right amount of attention and perfection that we have become known for and pride ourselves on!
Please note that it is not uncommon for our bakery to book out, especially on weekends,
as much as 6 months to one year in advance.  
Remember, it is never too early to call or email to book OTR!

The following days below are already booked full - see notes! 

2017 - 

November 17 and 18) ! - You can stop by bakery to pick up treats - but because of the high demand for our products - we cannot take any more orders, we have maxed out!

Saturday, December 2nd - No weddings, no events. We are booked out. Thanks

Saturday, December 9th - No weddings, no events. Email for cakes and we can let you know.

2018 -

Saturday, March 10th - email for orders. We are almost booked out.

Saturday, March 24th - No wedding, no events. Email for cake inquires. Pick up bakery only.

Saturday, May 5th - No weddings. Email for cake inquiries. 

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